Stanley 40oz Quencher | Engraved with Tiger Lightening Bolt Design, Tiger King

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REAL Stanley 40oz tumbler!  Chose the color you want below & the southwestern Aztec design will be engraved onto it!  With the Tiger & Lightening Bolt design.

All Stanley tumblers are brand new!

Stanley’s have been purchased and are being shipped to me, I don’t have exact dates on all of them.  As soon as your color choice choice comes in, I will engrave it and ship it to you!

some prices are more because they cost me more to get (harder to find).

All cups have to be washed after engraving, I hand wash  & dry them to remove all the powder coating residue after the engrave.  Because of this, all paper wraps & tags are removed from the cups.

Some prices are more because they cost me more to get (harder to find), I myself pay up to $140 for some of these colors before they're engraved.  All cups are made to order (unless otherwise noted as ready to ship).  Each cup takes 45 minutes to engrave on the laser, only one can be done at a time.  Please know these cups take time, and I do my best to get as many cups done as possible a day.  Current wait time is approximately 1 week.