Ship me your Stanley!! | Have YOUR personal stanley Engraved with the Southwestern Aztec design

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***PLEASE READ: people have been confused about this listing.  This listing is NOT including the Stanley cup, this listing is ONLY ENGRAVING ON A STANLEY YOU ALREADY OWN.  You pay shipping to me, I ship your personal Stanley back to you engraved.

Want a 40oz or 30oz Stanley Tumbler you already own engraved?  No Problem! 

Ship your Stanley directly to me (Katie LaCoste - 5895 W Autumn Vista Way, Florence AZ 85132) ***Please make sure your name/order number is in the box, or else I won’t know it’s yours when it arrives, you can write it on a piece of tape and attach it to the bottom of your Stanley cup. 

*Not available for soft matte silicone Stanley’s, only the powder coated Stanley's.

*I will not be responsible for Stanley's lost in shipping - add insurance to your order, if your stanley is lost, you will be responsible for filing the claim. 

*Please know, you are NOT purchasing a Stanley Tumbler, you are only purchasing the engraving on a Stanley tumbler you already own.

*I will return ship to you USPS priority or UPS insured.

*If for some reason there is a laser/rotary malfunction (this has not happened yet, but posible), Your money will be refunded & I will do my best to help find you a replacement and pay up to $50 towards the purchase price (the cost of a new stanley with no aftermarket markup).  Because some of the cup colors are so hard to find, I can not promise anything.